Traditional Karate

Our Dojo certainly has that special appeal; you will sense the history of hard work and achievement.

You will feel the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere important for us all and experienced by students of the various disciplines practiced here.

It needs to be seen and experienced to be appreciated. For parents, refreshments are available in a viewing area, whilst you watch the children practice and learn those life skills in a safe, serious fun environment.

Dojo Facilities

We have a large open mat space of 210 square metres. With classes and training on every night of the week and on Saturdays, we are one of the few full time Dojos. We also offer Private Training sessions with Sensei David. We can also accommodate family, work or community groups during the day. A great, fun team building activity!

Now is the time to join a new and exciting period of our schools history. We are one of the best self defense training schools in Australia

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